Sunday, September 16, 2007

Monhegan Project

The "Son of Aran" progresses nicely. It is done FLAK fashion from the neck down. I'm using Cascade 220 and Addi size 5 needles. After knitting for 4 days on the island by headlamp and kerosene lamplight, I was surprized to only find 2 errors. One was in the moss stitch and only 13 rows back so that was ripped out and redone. It was an error that you could see sometimes and other times had to hunt for, but it is now fixed. The second one was much worse, one of the main cable twists at the very beginning of the back, too far to ladder back. All the ladies offered their solutions ranging from leave it, no one will see it, to frog it or pick up and knit over the stitches and bury the error. I finally decided to try Janet's "snip and fix" method, figuring if it didn't work I could frog it and start the back over ( which was what I was going to do anyway). It was driving me crazy even if nobody else could find the error. It worked like a charm! Best thing since sliced bread! You can bet I look at each row with an eagle eye now before starting the next!

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AnneB said...

You are a braver woman than I to cut and pick up like you did. Glad to know it worked well. Love the red sweater