Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gansey Completed

Tina's gansey is done. The pattern is the "White Gansey" from Beth Brown-Reinsel's "Knitting Ganseys". I used Halcyon Casco Bay Sport, 100% cotton for this sweater as Tina lives in Florida and has no use for a wool sweater! In fact, she will probably not use the cotton one very often. It was an easy knit, the color - Spruce - will look great on her as she is an Irish red-head. I washed the sweater by hand though the fiber is machine washable. I wanted to see if it ran or shrank. There was some color loss in cool water so I rinsed it with white vinegar as I do with cotton fabrics that bleed. That seems to have taken care of that problem. There was no shrinkage, in fact a slight stretch. It's drying on the floor, thought I would throw it in the dryer when it's almost dry and measure again. I'm glad it is finished, the fabric is too wimpy for me. May make another one day with Frangipani which would give it more body.

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Nanette said...

It is gorgeous and it will look great on a redhead! I don't envy you knitting a sweater in cotton though - my hands would be in pain from all that work.