Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back From Monhegan

Picture this - gorgeous sunshine, warm, waves crashing on the shore, 17 knitters on the lawn, M&M's to munch on. What more could one wish for? Hurricane Hanna went through during the first night about midnight with 45 knot winds and pouring rain. I slept through it all! The flag pole on the lawn didn't fare too well and was gone when we walked up to the dining hall for breakfast. But the weather cleared and was beautiful and sunny for the rest of the stay. The whole group vows to return next year. Surf from the hurricane was spectacular, and the sunsets were glorious! We shared the Trailing Yew with a group of artists on retreat with an art teacher. They said we were having much more fun! Cousin Jean and I are ready to make our reservations on Jan.2 for next Sept.

Bressay is progressing very nicely, body finished, neckline done and one sleeve half done. It's a very easy knit. One more bag out of the stash closet! Already planning the next in the line - something with cables - either a cardigan in beige and white or a pullover in blue. That is unless something else catches my eye.

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Terry & Jonesy said...

Thanks so much for the photos and descriptions - absolutely beautiful. I sorely miss the joy of knitterly companionship here in the tropics.

Your Oregon cardigan is stunning!!

Knitting on..