Sunday, January 24, 2010

Norwegian Lusekofte

This is a kit from Knit Picks, made with Telemark Peruvian wool. The border at the bottom of the sweater is finished and now the boring part - plain stockinette to the armholes. The recommended needle size was a US5 but I had to go down to a 3.25mm to get the gauge. I'm through with socks until we leave for Florida next month, seems nice to be back to colorwork!

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C├ęcile said...

This is beautiful. I am doing the same sweater, but in the red. I had to go to a #2 (2.75mm) to get the gauge. I like the tight fabric, but am surprised that anyone could get the right gauge with a #5. I see you did a 3x1 rib. I plan to do the same. I like the look and with the 3x1 pattern starting just above it, it just seems natural. did you do hte sleeves? I started with the sleeve and decided to ignore the vertical stripes on the cuff.