Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thinking About Monhegan

It's that time again, the Monhegan Knitting Retreat is next month and I need to decide what project is going to the island with me. It's time to knit a FairIsle again, I'm a little tired of socks. They are easy to travel with though and I have made my share for awhile. I decided to start two of the sweaters that were on my list and as I have altered them slightly I wanted to know they would work out before I got to the island and found I had nothing to knit on. The first is from Jamieson's Book 3, Saga Rose Cardigan. Though unsure of the color choice when I started I have left the colors as listed in the directions and they are working out nicely. One pattern repeat done so on to the second sweater, Rose Trellis Cardigan from Harrisville Designs. Instead of the Harrisville shetland I am using Halcyon's Victorian in teal and lt green. It has a nice picot hem that I like and the Victorian is working out to the same gauge as Jamieson's Spindrift. It is done "Norwegian" style, knit to the shoulders and then cut with no steek and the sleeves are then sewn in. Not sure I am going to do it that way. I like to pick up and knit my sleeves down and really prefer a steek. Rose is up to one pattern repeat also so now I have to make a choice of which one goes to sea. Probably end up taking both! Then I will need something to knit on in the evenings by kerosene lamp light (and headlamps) so need something simple and plain. Oh no, not more socks! Maybe mittens or a hat this time? Decisions, decisions.

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