Saturday, February 18, 2006

Next Fair Isle Project

I've started the "Traditional" pullover from SFC. After knitting half of the first pattern repeat friend AnneB thought it looked small so we measured it. It measured 34" and I measure 39"..... so it was ripped out and re-knit on larger needles. Now on a size 5 it is coming out exactly to gauge and I am starting the second pattern repeat. I'm finding this one much easier to do than the "Northwest Sunset" vest because it is a very easy pattern to memorize, and there are no long strands.


AnneB said...

I'm SO glad you visited the other day and we caught the oops in sweater size. Hope you have made warm climate by now - it's 6 degrees real and about -10 wind chill at the moment. Anne

DeeAnn said...

Beautiful! Size 5's?? Who'da thunk?? Glad to see you are back on track!