Monday, March 27, 2006

Traditional Jumper Update

After knitting on my sweater all the way to Key West and back up the East Coast, and a week-end knitting retreat, work is progressing nicely. I have invested in several Addi Turbo needles and am getting a much better tension with them. I'm not really happy with the underarm gusset as the pattern doesn't continue quite the way I would like it to, but........ who's going to see it anyway. We had a wonderful vacation in the warm (80's) South, and Anne and I made a large dent in the LYS in Camden supply of Jamison Shetland! I now have multiple FairIsle projects lined up, should keep me busy for a few weeks (read years)! What a good time we had!


AnneB said...

Looking great and even better in person. Great weekend.

Terri said...

Shirley, It looks like another beauty to me.

ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

ohhhh, it is so beautiful!!! I joined SFC and want to start one. Your sweater is just gorgeous.