Thursday, August 16, 2007

Winter Dreams

Some of my summer projects have been socks and "Winter Dreams" from Red Bird Knits had been waiting in the pile for awhile. The first sock was too large I thought, so I set it aside and started the second on smaller needles, a size 2 Inox dp's. The sock was perfection, stitches were so smooth, it looked gorgeous. Only one problem - I couldn't get my foot in! Stranded knitting has no stretch. That sock went to the frog pond, started over with a size 2 Clover bamboo dp and it came out perfect, fit fine. Now I had to rip out the first sock to make it match the second. All in all, there were four socks in this pair - too funny! At least I have the pattern down pat! They were fun to do (good thing) and I will knit more pairs.

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