Monday, April 09, 2007

Gansey in Two Days

I have completed a gansey in just two days! Incredible you say? The trick is it is a miniature and only 8". This little sweater used up a whole 4oz. skein of Brown Sheep worsted. It is the Sampler Gansey from Beth Brown-Reinsel's "Knitting Ganseys" and was quite a learning experience. I have learned how to do a Channel Island Cast On, Provisional Cast On, Underarm Gussets, shoulder strap Perpendicular Join, Triangular Neckline Gussets and enjoyed every minute of it. The book is a treasure and will be referred to many times. Now to plan a full size gansey for my friend Tina. I'm still looking for the perfect fiber for this sweater as she lives in Florida and doesn't want wool. May use Halcyon Yarns "Casco Bay Sport", not sure yet. In the meantime, back to Alcea.