Friday, August 27, 2010

Rose Trellis Cardigan

Altering a pattern is not my thing but have decided that I did not want to do this sweater the "Norwegian" way. If I am going to cut the armholes, I want to have a steek. Also a slightly inset sleeve fits me better than a drop shoulder and I prefer to knit the sleeve down............ so, I have taken 15 stitches off to a holder and am decreasing 1 stitch each side of the armhole 10 times. That will bring me back to the same pattern at the edge of the armhole and "should" work. Time will tell. It's an easy pattern to remember

This view shows the pattern running up the side seam which will continue on the underarm of the sleeve.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thinking About Monhegan

It's that time again, the Monhegan Knitting Retreat is next month and I need to decide what project is going to the island with me. It's time to knit a FairIsle again, I'm a little tired of socks. They are easy to travel with though and I have made my share for awhile. I decided to start two of the sweaters that were on my list and as I have altered them slightly I wanted to know they would work out before I got to the island and found I had nothing to knit on. The first is from Jamieson's Book 3, Saga Rose Cardigan. Though unsure of the color choice when I started I have left the colors as listed in the directions and they are working out nicely. One pattern repeat done so on to the second sweater, Rose Trellis Cardigan from Harrisville Designs. Instead of the Harrisville shetland I am using Halcyon's Victorian in teal and lt green. It has a nice picot hem that I like and the Victorian is working out to the same gauge as Jamieson's Spindrift. It is done "Norwegian" style, knit to the shoulders and then cut with no steek and the sleeves are then sewn in. Not sure I am going to do it that way. I like to pick up and knit my sleeves down and really prefer a steek. Rose is up to one pattern repeat also so now I have to make a choice of which one goes to sea. Probably end up taking both! Then I will need something to knit on in the evenings by kerosene lamp light (and headlamps) so need something simple and plain. Oh no, not more socks! Maybe mittens or a hat this time? Decisions, decisions.

Great Alaska Trip

It's not every year one has a 50th wedding anniversary, and ours happened in Aug. of last year. It took us a while to figure out what to do to celebrate this big day and we finally settled on a trip. We had always wanted to see Alaska, so this was the chance to do it. Planned it in November and waited for months for June 2010 to arrive. We left for Calgary on the 10th and motor coached through Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper where we spent two wonderful days each. Had a helicopter ride up into the mountains and walked on the Athabasca Glacier. This part of the trip was really breathtaking. This part of Canada is so beautiful. After Jasper we boarded the Rocky Mountaineer train for two days through the Canadian Rockies, a truly incredible journey. Arrived in Vancouver for a night, taking a tour of the city. In the morning we boarded the Holland America "Zuiderdam" for the cruise to Alaska. We were pampered (and very well fed) for the 7 day cruise that stopped in Tracy Arm to see the glaciers, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay National Park, Ketchikan, and back to Vancouver. We departed Vancouver for beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, where we toured the city and the wonderful Butchart Gardens which pictures don't begin to describe. The most beautiful garden I have ever seen covering 55 acres. From Victoria we took the "Clipper" back to the States and Seattle where we boarded Amtrak's Coastal Starlight for San Francisco. Spent a day there and boarded another train for Chicago and a plane for home. It was the "Trip of a Lifetime" for us and so glad we did it. We came home to the hottest summer in years and a garden full of weeds but enjoyed every minute of the trip. We plan to go again next year or the year after and see the inland part of Alaska and Denali.

I took a ball of yarn and a sock pattern with me and came home with a ball of yarn and a sock pattern. Just too much to see to sit and knit! Besides, it's time to work on something different - I have enough socks to last for years!

Time to Update

It's been so long since I posted here I had to go to Blogger to get my password! Lots has happened since my last post, so here goes! We left for Florida at the end of last Feb. to join our friends at the house we rented til the end of March. Beautiful place, pool and hot tub, lost of space. We were looking forward to a month of sunshine and floating around in the pool. Didn't happen - Florida had the coldest Spring in years! We did get to sit around the pool and I did get lots of socks made. We had a wonderful airboat ride in the St. John River watershed, saw a beautiful sunset and millions of birds (and alligators) with a great guide. We also went to Disney of course and spent a day wandering around Epcot and MGM Movies. Both were fun and interesting, came home very tired!

Another trip was to the Brevard Zoo, just around the corner from where we were. Although zoos can be depressing, this one is very well maintained and the animals are well cared for. Really enjoyed the giraffe exhibit. Did you ever see such beautiful eyelashes?