Friday, September 11, 2009

Henry The 8th

The KAL on Ravelry for Alice Starmore's "Henry VIII" is starting next week. I purchased the kit from Virtual Yarn and the yarn is gorgeous. Everything is ready to go, can't wait to get going on this one!

Still Waiting for Book

Well, it's August and the book still has not been released. Now saying August 30 for a release date. I need something to knit that won't take too long to finish in the mean time. Found a vest pattern in Interweave Knits Fall 2008. The "Estes Vest" by Hana Jason. Knit with Brown Sheep Bulky and 10 1/2 needles - this should be a snap. And it was! Finished it last night - all except finding some toggle buttons - The colorway I used is called "Cranberry Swirl" and went down to a size 9 needle. Fits perfectly
and is very heavy. It will be a very warm layer to keep me warm
when the snow flies again. Hooray - the book is here and a KAL will soon be in the plans!

Happy Anniversary

It's August 1st and 50 years ago today Rocky and I were married! How could it be that long ago? We had a lovely surprize family dinner at a local restaurant and came home for coffee and cake. All organized by my sister who was my Maid of Honor.

Waiting For Fair Isle Book

Alice Starmore's "Fair Isle Knitting" re-print is due out soon but I have to keep my fingers busy while waiting. Nothing on the needles since "Hillswick" was finished. It's been a rainy June and July, seems like it rains nearly every day. My back yard is starting to look like a jungle - the gardens love all this water. The book should be here soon so another pair of socks should do the trick. These are from "Favorite Socks" and knit with a merino/mohair yarn from Knit Picks. Very light and easy to knit, though it pills somewhat. It's called Imagination and the colorway is Pixie Dust. Knit on Clover bamboo dp's, size 1.

What's Next?

Here we are in May and I am really sick of making socks - I need a stranded project! Went through my collection of baggies to see if I had one with the complete yarns needed. I had one - Hillswick Lumber - that had been aging for quite awhile. It was ready and so was I. I knit the sweater just as the directions were written and it fits perfectly. I didn't think the olive color was going to work with all the other greens but it did and I really like it. Hillswick is from Ann Feitelson's "The Art of Fair Isle Knitting" and was knit using Jamieson & Smith 2 ply shetland and 2.5 / 2.75 Addis.

Back From Florida

OK, I admit it - I have neglected my blog for a long time but I will try to do better now. We arrived back from the sunny South on the 3rd of April. The snow was GONE and all my crocus (?) were in full bloom and the sun was shining. I managed to knit several pairs of socks while in our lovely rental house. We spent some nice days sitting in the yard. We saw the shuttle take off while standing on Cocoa Beach - what an AWESOME sight! We hated to leave the 80 and 90 degree days, but home calls after awhile. It was good to be back in Maine even if we did have to sit by the fire instead of on the deck.