Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back Completed

"Fulmar" now has a back! Shortened to fit me, it measures 23" to the shoulder without the saddle. Width is 22" which should be just right. I'm using KnitPick "Options" needles, 2.75mm and Franjpani wool. The stitch definition is great and gauge is right on. Now on to the sleeves. Cold weather is creeping in, will need this sweater very soon!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fulmar Front Done

I have finished the front of "Fulmar". Measurements are 58.5cm (23") to the shoulder, chest: 21.5" which will make it a size 43. It is quite stretchy so will easily make the 44" that I wanted. The neckline began after row 12 of pattern C and the shoulder was bound off on row 24 of pattern D. It worked out perfectly. I am only 5' tall so this should be just right when the saddles are added. The back is started and is at about 8".

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Son of Aran, with sleeve

One sleeve done! I like the way this sweater is knit, top down. The fit is great. My biggest problem now is which sweater to work on, Fulmar or Son of Aran. This one transports me back to Monhegan Island where it was started. Lots of nice memories to ponder while knitting!

Fulmar Continues

Everything going well with Fulmar so far. I have changed to a 2.75 Options needle and have knit the pattern as graphed with one exception, I have deleted 6 stitches from both sides of the check rib. I am now at 17" and the piece is measuring 44" across, perfect fit for me. The pattern is quite easy to follow, I am enjoying the knit so far. The sleeves will have to be adjusted as I have short arms and they are too wide for me. Will face that dilemma when I get to it. The Frangipani is a joy to work with, would not hesitate to use it again.