Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh No - More Stash!

I was noodling around on the computer a couple of nights ago and my email dinged. Went to read the message and it was a newsletter from Seaport Yarn. I've never been in the local store (they also have one in NYC) but do like to look at their website oce in a while. They were advertising a new sock yarn made here in Maine so I HAD to go look. Needless to say I am now the owner of three skeins of this gorgeous stuff and am having a hard time keeping myself for going back for more before I knit this up. They are from "Done Roving Farm" in Charlotte, Maine. Where is Charlotte you say? I never had heard of it either - it's way Downeast near the lakes and I bet they have lots of room for sheep and other critters!

Left to right we have "Fundy Footsee" 75/25 superwash Wool/Nylon, 434yds, 4 ounces in colorways "Low Tide" and "Wicked Good Lobster". This is a sport weight and says it can be machine dryed though I don't think I will risk it. The last skein is "Frolicking Feet" superwash Merino , 480 yds, 4 ounces , machine washable (doesn't mention machine dry) in the colorway "Navajo Sky". This is a fingering weight yarn. The names of the colorways just make you want to buy some, don't they? Have to support the local economy!

"Drops" Socks

While I wait for another fairisle to call my name I'm passing time with socks (another addiction). This pattern is free on Drops web site and because I have never used their yarns I ordered some for these socks. It's "Karisma", a DK weight that is soooooo very soft and I love using it. It's 100% wool and is superwash. I'm using 3mm Hiya Hiya dps and the 38/40 size which is a perfect fit. The pattern number is U-563. If you decide to download this pattern be aware that there is an error in the M5 chart which they have corrected in their errata tab.