Monday, February 13, 2006

It's A Vest!

The "Northwest Sunset" vest is done! Wonder of wonders - it fits! I really enjoyed the process, and am very pleased with the result. Although I have always done two handed knitting and spit splices, I had never done a steek before. It was much easier than I ever imagined and I will probably never do another sweater without using one.

Thanks to AnneB for introducing me to this KAL and to Rebecca for hosting it. I have already started another Fair Isle, the Traditional Pullover in SFC. I'm off for warmer climates next week so will not be able to follow everyones progress for awhile, can't wait to see how all the other sweaters work out.



Jessimuhka said...

I love it! Great colors.

AnneB said...

Fantastic! Beautiful work as always. Love the colors and so glad it fits. Wear it south where its a bit warmer than here in Maine.


Deby said...

that is the pattern I want to do! I love your color changes. wonderful job and it sure looks great on you!