Friday, January 30, 2009

Mitten Mania

After making multiple pairs of mittens as Christmas gifts, I seem to be stuck on them. They are as bad as socks, habit forming! At least I am using up all the orphan skeins of yarn left over from sweaters and getting a head start on next Christmas. Two pair are from a booklet by "Wool You Order" called "A Year of Mittens" - knit with worsted weight - very heavy and warm. The blue and white ones are "January", the red and white ones are "February".

Two pair are from Mary Ann Stephens, red and green pair is her "Chrysanthemum" mitten done in DK. This pattern is available on her web site at The second pair is her "Camellia" mitten done in Dale Baby Ull and is available at They are great fun to knit.


Shary said...

Your mittens are inspiring, so much so that I wrote for a brochure from Wool You Order. I was disappointed to receive the reply that a Year of Mittens was no longer in print. I found Marcia Lewandowski's book, Folk Mittens, at Unique 1 and will attempt, with trepidation, one of the two color patterns. Thanks for the inspiration. - Shary

AnneB said...

I love the "Let it Snow" mittens you gave me at Christmas and wear them often. They are so beautiful and warm and heaven knows this winter we have needed warm. You are inspiring to start some smaller projects again instead of big sweaters all the time.